Desolates Metaverse Final Mint Announcement

Desolates officially announced their final mint day as of January 11th, 2022. From idea to launch, Desolates has created an impressive following in just under 3 months of planning and development.

Desolates is a unique NFT community that is not a carbon copy of well-known or mass-produced NFT collections that are currently taking the NFT market by storm. Desolates is its own metaverse community located in the Alpha Centauri 3D multiverse.

desolate space metaverse

With each Desolate that is purchased, a user will receive their very own computer-generated 3D planet in the Alpha Centauri 3D metaverse alongside a matching unique Twitter banner. Planets can range from classic earthy tones to funky purples and pinks for a truly individualized experience.

Not only will users receive the NFT in their collection, but they will also be provided with the ability to enter, navigate, and share their 3D planet with others. As an investor in Desolates, users will also have the opportunity to showcase any NFTs they have in their collection on their own unique 3D Desolates planet.

Once you have invested in your original and unique planet, you can immediately enter it and begin showing it off to others. Show off your Desolates 3D planet to prospective buyers, or help to build and sustain a community of like-minded individuals and investors.

You can also navigate to the 3D planets of others, checking in on their own creations and the type of NFTs they have invested in and are showcasing on their virtual planet. You can also navigate to other planets via browser, not requiring an additional download or program to get started.

Whether you prefer to simply keep your NFTs in your digital wallet or if you enjoy showing them off to the world and even potential investors of your own, Desolates provides a truly immersive Metaverse experience that is unlike anything else so far.

current Desolates Metaverse market data

Currently, Desolates is only available on Solanaand MagicEden. Once the public mint is complete, Desolates will also be available on MagicEden, Alpha, and DigitalEyes. The current floor price of a Desolates 3D planet as of January 18th, 2022, is 3.40 SOL, with an average sale price of 3.68 SOL.