Escrow-less NFT Loans on Solana

Introduction to’s lending platform allows NFT holders to take out or issue loans against a preapproved Solana NFT collection. Sharkyfi considers itself a hybrid lending protocol with a live open order book. Users can get Solana loans, and later they will add the ability to issue stable coin loans such as USDC. The … Read more

NFT Whitelist Dilemma: Getting In On The Ground Floor

Summary Getting on most whitelists these days requires investing time and energy An exploit allows easier profits made on PoW chains PoS will likely ruin the exploit without an immediate replacement Intro Flipping NFTs can be a quick way to make a lot of coin. But whoever told you it was easy was likely trying … Read more

Taiyo Robotics to Save the Day Under New Ownership

Summary Taiyo Robotics NFTs are communally focused The minters initially over-promised and under-delivered New leadership is trying to right the ship Intro Many children grew up watching Transformers from the 1980s on wishing they could have one in real life. While Taiyo Robotics still isn’t “real” in the physical sense, it’s as close as you’re … Read more

How to Check Rarity for Solana NFTs

Summary An NFT’s value is tied to its rarity regardless of any other influencing factors Rarities come in many different flavors and can disappear quickly There are plenty of tools to make keeping track of NFTs much easier Intro Coming out on top of any speculative market is already a fraught and difficult affair. But … Read more

The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT game on Ethereum

Are you in search of an NFT experience that is unlike any other on the market? Do you want an NFT experience that actually feels like a genuine experience? If so, don’t miss out on The Red Village NFT collection. What is The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT Game? The Red Village is an extremely unique … Read more

Binance.US Is Building an Office in the Solana Metaverse

Binance.US, a leading cryptocurrency marketplace, has recently announced its decision to join the metaverse by becoming one of the very first Portals residents. Portals are part of the rapidly expanding Solana metaverse, which has loyal Solana users flocking to the platform in droves. What Are Portals? provides a unique opportunity for newcomers to the metaverse … Read more

Auctions for Boogles Solana NFT Breaking Records

Wrapping up on Jan. 8th, the 24-hour auction for BOOGLEs #089 through #091 NFTs broke Boogle and Holaplex records. With a total of 4600 SOL bid over the course of the auction, the highest bid reached 1800 SOL for a single Boogle. The project’s previous record-holder was Boogle #088, which sold for 800 SOL. This … Read more

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The Meme Cult of Ghozali Ghozalu: How a Set of NFT Selfies Made an Overnight Millionaire

22-year-old Ghozali Ghozalu was just a common college student in Indonesia until his NFT selfie collection became a meme. It then made him an overnight celebrity and millionaire. Titled “Ghozali Everyday,” the NFT, or non-fungible token, collection consists of 933 selfies taken every day of Ghozalu’s life from 2017 to 2021. It’s now worth millions in ETH. … Read more

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Don’t Miss Botborgs: The World’s First Multiplayer PvP on Solana Is Live For Testing

Botborgs is an NFT project created for the Borgverse, an open-world Metaverse that is sci-fi themed with a multi-planetary integrated system for investors and community members alike. In the Borgverse, users have the ability to join in on PVP tank battles, racing games, parkour challenges, and more. Those who join the Borgverse will have the … Read more

World of Women: The NFT Designed with Representation in Mind

World of Women (WoW) is a women-led NFT collection that has gained the backing of huge female celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria, after its launch in July of 2021. Ranking among today’s hottest NFTs, the collection boasts millions in sales and features 10,000 diverse images of women designed by its artist Yam Karkai. Many celebrities … Read more