Enviro VS Portals: Which Solana Metaverse is Best?

The metaverse is becoming a mainstream topic these days, with thousands of people using these digital worlds online.

Still, the primary virtual worlds that people explore are found on the Ethereum blockchain.

Enviro and Portals are trying to change that with unique metaverse worlds that can be explored on the Solana blockchain.

What is Enviro?

Enviro is a virtual art gallery that exists in the Solana metaverse. Users can create their own spaces, watch movies in their gallery, and display their art.

A recent tweet from the Enviro team indicated that cinematography tools would be available as well.

The virtual world looks stunning, likely because the team hired a talented Unreal Engine developer that worked on popular games like Bioshock.

The team also has some pretty profound marketing efforts on the way.

Although we don’t yet know much about these plans, we know that the team has suggested it will lead to them being featured in nearly every major Canadian magazine.

more info: https://discord.gg/pdcmdWm8GZ

What is Portals?

Portals is the most well-known Solana metaverse.

Major names like Binance.US, FTX.US , Audius, Bonfida, and Magic Eden are all set to have virtual real estate in the Portals metaverse.

Portals announce $5M seed raise led by @GreylockVC on Twitter

The virtual world will resemble a combination of Neo-Tokyo and New York, and there will be hundreds of things to do and discover.

The team is also creating incentives for people to invite others and design spaces.

To create a virtual space in Portals, users need to buy one of the 5,000 NFT access key cards on Magic Eden.

The cards grant users access to spaces that are fully furnished and modular.

More info: https://theportal.to


There is a lot of investments from VCs in terms of support and funding for Portals.

They are poised for a better chance of success and their current floor price 79 $SOL reflects their ambitions.

In terms of a functional metaverse, Portals is in the lead as Enviro is correctly just a display gallery of NFT’s with a streaming service.

The future will tell which one will go above and beyond into the Metaverse.

However, our bet is clearly on Portals.