NFT Whitelist Dilemma: Getting In On The Ground Floor

Summary Getting on most whitelists these days requires investing time and energy An exploit allows easier profits made on PoW chains PoS will likely ruin the exploit without an immediate replacement Intro Flipping NFTs can be a quick way to make a lot of coin. But whoever told you it was easy was likely trying … Read more

Taiyo Robotics to Save the Day Under New Ownership

Summary Taiyo Robotics NFTs are communally focused The minters initially over-promised and under-delivered New leadership is trying to right the ship Intro Many children grew up watching Transformers from the 1980s on wishing they could have one in real life. While Taiyo Robotics still isn’t “real” in the physical sense, it’s as close as you’re … Read more

How to Check Rarity for Solana NFTs

Summary An NFT’s value is tied to its rarity regardless of any other influencing factors Rarities come in many different flavors and can disappear quickly There are plenty of tools to make keeping track of NFTs much easier Intro Coming out on top of any speculative market is already a fraught and difficult affair. But … Read more

World of Women: The NFT Designed with Representation in Mind

World of Women (WoW) is a women-led NFT collection that has gained the backing of huge female celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria, after its launch in July of 2021. Ranking among today’s hottest NFTs, the collection boasts millions in sales and features 10,000 diverse images of women designed by its artist Yam Karkai. Many celebrities … Read more

Fraktionalization Makes NFT Investing More Affordable Then Ever Before

NFTs have earned a lot of mainstream attention over the last two years, with celebrities, athletes, and major investors cashing in. Still, it is no secret that NFT prices can get pretty expensive in a short amount of time. Fraktion aims to make these digital assets more accessible by allowing NFT creators to “fraktionalize” ownership … Read more

How to Burn Your Unwanted Solana NFTs

In the world of NFTs, it is not difficult to quickly become overwhelmed in a sea of designs, collectibles, and unique pieces of art. Due to the hype, you may have even found yourself purchasing way too many NFTs for your own good. If this is the case, it may be time to consider burning … Read more

Fashion’s Latest Trend: NFTs You Can Wear

In brief: 2021 brought an explosion of demand for NFTs, and digital fashion “Wearable NFTs” hit the market in a big way in 2021, and continue in 2022 From augmented reality (AR) fashion, avatar accessories, wearable NFTs the next big thing Accessorize Your Digital Self with NFTs Major players in the fashion world have joined … Read more

SOL Patrol Is Set to Capture All NFTS in the Solana

In brief: 3333 uniquely generated NFTs that are designed to “imprison” other Solana NFTs Provides incentives for those who are targeting special or “enemy” NFT collections $BAIL tokens with the use of royalties that are also generated by holding specific NFTs SOL Patrol is a unique NFT collection that stands out among alternatives. SOL Patrol … Read more