Enviro and Chill? Enviro Now Allows for Video Streaming in Virtual Studios

In brief:

  • Enviro is a cross-chain, photorealistic, and customizable virtual art gallery in Metaverse
  • A recent announcement says users can stream videos in their spaces
  • Their NFT has increased 63.70% increase in volume in the past 24 hours

Enviro recently reported on Twitter that they’re supporting streaming videos in their Metaverse studios.

This will allow holders not only to watch a movie but also to play board games, billiards in their virtual spaces.

This feature was released in time as Portals their competitor has won the support of large crypto marketplaces such as Binance.US and FTX to host their virtual offices using their service.

If you’re an NFT art owner looking for a virtual space to show off your art, look no further than Enviro Gallery.

Enviro is the photo-realistic NFT art gallery found in the Metaverse.

With its pre-tokens already sold, the enviro NFT plans to launch in Q1 or Q2 of 2022.

Let’s first break down the incentives you have to join the new world of enviro.

As an NFT, Enviro offers you a studio with secure token integration. In your curated art gallery, you can customize your space.

You can select your decor and lighting with an accurate sun positioner tool. You can also use professional photographic tools in your studio.

Enviro gives artists a new market, and now, the gallery will allow its holders to stream videos in their 3D space. Say hello to the future of enviro and Chill in the Metaverse.

Details of the enviro NFT

With over 18.2K Discord members, Enviro has a strong community. Built on the Solana Blockchain and Unreal Engine 5, the project offers a cross-chain capability. This allows it to display NFTs from any chain.

The team behind enviro includes its founder and designer Ehsan Salari, core developer 0xDevx, advisor and partner manager Dr. Jaymin Patel, advisor and community manager Fox Bellafonte, advisor and editor Daedalus, and financial advisor Buchacha.

Behind enviro is also its sister company and developer Parametrise. Parametrise has a native utility token, $PRMS. Holders can use $PRMS to upgrade their enviros. These tokens will also reward art NFT holders and contributors.

The project minted and launched its enviroPass NFT on Dec. 19.

Holders can redeem this NFT as the regular NFT upon launch. The Pass also allows holders to access an early rollout of the NFT. Sales for these passes hit 20K in volume in the first week of 2022.

Right now, the enviro floor price on Magic Eden is 3.50 SOL. You can buy enviro on Exchange Art, Magic Eden, Alpha Art, and Solanart.


The project’s roadmap has four phases. In DeFi fashion, the first phase of the project set up a DAO and voting system.

The project then launched Parametrise NFTs to raise funds. As a result, it listed enviro on secondary markets.

These NFTs include ToneBox, TensorBox, DojoBox, and PolitiBox.

Next, Enviro launched the Parametrise $PRMS Utility Token and set up staking rewards.

Next, enviro posted its whitepaper and minted the enviroPass NFTs.

It also ramped up marketing and collaboration, such as:

  • Teaming up with SoundsRare for its music integration.
  • Working with Rad Rugs to vet its new partners.

Enviro plans to release the enviro Upgrade System (eUS) and the early BETA version of the NFT by Q2 2022.

Then it will buy land from projects such as Decentraland and SandBox.

In the last phase, it will launch an asset store where artists can earn royalties from their work.

At the time of writing, the price of Solana sits at $140.75.