The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT game on Ethereum

Are you in search of an NFT experience that is unlike any other on the market? Do you want an NFT experience that actually feels like a genuine experience? If so, don’t miss out on The Red Village NFT collection. What is The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT Game? The Red Village is an extremely unique … Read more

Don’t Miss Botborgs: The World’s First Multiplayer PvP on Solana Is Live For Testing

Botborgs is an NFT project created for the Borgverse, an open-world Metaverse that is sci-fi themed with a multi-planetary integrated system for investors and community members alike. In the Borgverse, users have the ability to join in on PVP tank battles, racing games, parkour challenges, and more. Those who join the Borgverse will have the … Read more

Kaizen Corps NFT Play to Earn Game on Solana

In brief: Kaizen Corps has a fresh game concept for their NFTs The company works diligently to develop a strong community Initial missteps leave their valuation low with room to grow Despite steady growth in the market as a whole, NFTs are fairly volatile assets with the potential for massive returns– if you know where … Read more

GameStop’s New NFT Marketplace Looking for Creative Talent

game stop nft market place news

In brief: GameStop is launching its own NFT marketplace for in-game digital assets Reference in Loopsrings Github Code may indicate GameSpot’s own Layer 2 protocol There is word that GameStop and AMC possibly partnering in the NFT marketplace Primarily known for its video games, gaming merchandise, and electronics, GameStop has taken a leap into a … Read more