Binance.US Is Building an Office in the Solana Metaverse

Binance.US, a leading cryptocurrency marketplace, has recently announced its decision to join the metaverse by becoming one of the very first Portals residents. Portals are part of the rapidly expanding Solana metaverse, which has loyal Solana users flocking to the platform in droves. What Are Portals? provides a unique opportunity for newcomers to the metaverse … Read more

Desolates Metaverse Final Mint Announcement

Desolates officially announced their final mint day as of January 11th, 2022. From idea to launch, Desolates has created an impressive following in just under 3 months of planning and development. Desolates is a unique NFT community that is not a carbon copy of well-known or mass-produced NFT collections that are currently taking the NFT market … Read more

Enviro VS Portals: Which Solana Metaverse is Best?

The metaverse is becoming a mainstream topic these days, with thousands of people using these digital worlds online. Still, the primary virtual worlds that people explore are found on the Ethereum blockchain. Enviro and Portals are trying to change that with unique metaverse worlds that can be explored on the Solana blockchain. What is Enviro? … Read more

Crocs NFTs Might Be Stepping Into the Metaverse

In brief: Trademark application filing hints Crocs are getting into the digital asset space The digital goods are filed as footwear, clothing, bags, accessories, and charms The industry of wearable NFTs continues to grow According to a recent trademark application filing, it looks as though the iconic foam clogs company Crocs is taking its baby … Read more

Enviro and Chill? Enviro Now Allows for Video Streaming in Virtual Studios

In brief: Enviro is a cross-chain, photorealistic, and customizable virtual art gallery in Metaverse A recent announcement says users can stream videos in their spaces Their NFT has increased 63.70% increase in volume in the past 24 hours Enviro recently reported on Twitter that they’re supporting streaming videos in their Metaverse studios. This will allow … Read more

Portals NFTs Gives Users a Place in The Metaverse

In brief: Portals seeks to secure a foothold in Web 3.0 These markets are often lucrative but lack a predictable leader Applications such as NFT rentals make Portals NFTs intriguing Since Facebook became Meta, everyone has been wondering about the Metaverse. Some people are excited about the possibilities, while others remain skeptical. However, with the … Read more

Beeple Believes That We’ve Already Stepped Into the Metaverse

In brief: Beeple believes that we are in a way already in the Metaverse By melding physical and digital worlds together; it will creep into lives The definition and form of digital art is shifting as integration happens As the world gradually shifts toward a digital future, Mike Winkelmann – better known as “Beeple” to … Read more