Magic Eden: IRS NFT Mint Was Botted

In brief: IRS NFT Mint Was Botted on Magic Eden’s LaunchPad Captcha farms solved the captchas to bypass their security Magic Eden is building features such as whitelisting and limiting minting per wallet This week, according to Magic Eden, the IRS NFT mint was bottled. Though no one is 100 percent sure of the cause, … Read more

Jamestown and Digital Currency Group Bring NYE to Metaverse

In brief: You can attend Time Squares NYE ball drop in Decentraland It’s called MetaFest 2022 They will have games, NFT’s, social hang-out, music and the ball drop Jamestown, the owners of Times Square and Digital Currency Group Bring NYE to Metaverse with MetaFest 2022. What is MetaFest 2022? It will be the perfect opportunity … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne Launches Cryptobatz NFT

ozzy osbourne

In brief: Cryptobatz will have 9666 unique NFT’s You can ‘bite’ them to create mutants Owners of the collection can go on a treasure hunt for AncientBatz Ozzy Osbourne announced on Twitter that he’s getting into the NFT game with his collection of “Cryptobatz”. The collection will have 9666 unique NFT’s. The name is a … Read more

Phantasia Sports: The Future of Fantasy Sports phantasia sports betting

In brief: Phantasia Sports plans to revolutionize fantasy sports with NFTs The “play to earn” system allows you to play fantasy sports and $FANT Secured $1.85 million in seed capital from eight primary investors The hype surrounding NFTs is accelerating and that’s because the blockchain is catching up to its capabilities. We’re seeing a lot … Read more

Michael Jordan Dunks on NFT Game with Solana Athlete App

In brief: Michael Jordan is releasing an app on Solana for Athletes to sell NFT’s Seed round funding the north of $10 million launching in 2022 Looking to expand to other verticals and distribution channels The Fadeaway is arguably Michael Jordan’s signature move, but here’s a look at his latest, most powerful move. Michael Jordan … Read more