Portals NFTs Gives Users a Place in The Metaverse

In brief:

  • Portals seeks to secure a foothold in Web 3.0
  • These markets are often lucrative but lack a predictable leader
  • Applications such as NFT rentals make Portals NFTs intriguing

Since Facebook became Meta, everyone has been wondering about the Metaverse.

Some people are excited about the possibilities, while others remain skeptical.

However, with the financial and digital backing of Meta, Web 3.0 will undoubtedly have plenty of money floating around it.

Whether you’re personally interested or not, there’s still a place for investment and speculation.

That said, this space is far riskier than most, given its selling point: community.

When Portals signaled its move to a new area, you know that community is a stable idea.

The market is there and will, for a time, provide a lucrative market for holders.

In short, Portals gives its users a private venue to gather in Metaverse.


Without a large budget, the Portals team still brings plenty of experience.

On top of that, Portals employs more coders than other positions combined.

This distribution, combined with industry partners, positions Portals to keep generating fun, new content to draw and keep users on the platform.


Most of the detailed roadmap has already come to pass.

Portals demonstrated a proof of concept and came in second place at a Solana Hackathon.

Portals is poised to produce quality content and assets with various industry partnerships.

That said, the future might be even more ambitious.

The ability to seamlessly integrate other Solana assets is on the horizon.

The assets can have a variety of functions as a virtual system in their own right.

You and your friends can watch videos or play games in the room.

The most substantial possibilities won’t arrive until more users immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience.

The @ftx_us Portals Space was featured on @FoxBusiness with @SBF_FTX


Portals NFTs are issued in the form of “land grants.”

Rather than being the various bits of “Art” NFTs, Portals NFTs provide you a place to put them.

These spaces are the same type used during Meta’s reveal of the Metaverse.

It’s worth noting a big part of Portals’ long-term success hinges on their ability to foster a community.

Those “land grants” are only as valuable as the desire to be part of that community.

Currently, the Portals NFTs are minted in three different sizes of Ivory, Onyx, and Vision in ascending order.

One of the better qualities of Portal NFTs is their basis on Solana.

Given the meager transaction fees, the assets exchange rapidly.

Granted, the way this plays out and what it means for the market can go a dozen different directions.

However, since one can easily trade the assets, it provides an advantage over other coin backings. 

The speed of transactions is also a potential benefit.

But that specific bonus will only come when and if Portals NFTs become one of the major players.

Of course, if it does get that big, then this benefit will make scaling Portals simple.

That Portals focuses on land NFTs centered on their city is a real possibility.

And it seems others recognize this fact as well.

The current floor price for Portals NFTs sits at around 19.67 SOL, with the average price hitting a solid 32.62 SOL.

And this isn’t just an issue of a few swaps moving the market.

The total volume for Portals NFTs hovers at a healthy 83525.51 SOL.

Portal NFTs hold potential for users and investors alike by focusing on an exclusive community.

However, that community includes numerous industry partnerships.

The plan is to make the communal area engaging enough to drive demand to the community.

Users can also make assets and games.

Although still in beta, major crypto exchanges such as Binance.US and FTX have decided to set up virtual headquarters in Portals.


While Decentraland hangs heavy, there’s plenty of room for other digital platforms.

As Web 3.0 continues to develop, the “decentral” part will become more prominent.

Niche communities will spring up with a healthy user base.

Portals seeks to be one of those communities and have a good structure.

Backed by Solana, Portals NFTs see benefits both at a smaller scale and if it needs to expand.

On top of that, the integration is already impressive and only getting better.

It doesn’t hurt that Portals is extremely easy to use with object-based drag and drop mechanics.

It’s not the cheapest entry, but Portals NFTs are a tentatively worthy investment.

That said, you’ll probably have to hold onto these assets longer than others for the best ROI.