Stoned Ape Crew NFT on Solana Allows Holders to Stake and Earn $PUFF

In brief:

  • The project consists of  4,200 unique NFTs hand-drawn items
  • Stoned Ape Crew NFTs is that you receive $PUFF tokens for staking your NFT
  • The current floor price for a Stoned Ape is 23 SOL, currently worth $3,075.10

As much as NFT collectors love unique artwork, nothing is more exciting than a unique NFT with token staking features.

Recently, there have been a lot of exciting NFT projects released on the Solana blockchain, and Stoned Ape Crew is definitely interesting.

Unique artwork, token staking, NFT evolution, and fractional ownership are just a few things that make this project stand out.

What are Stoned Apes?

The Stoned Ape Crew NFT project consists of  4,200 unique NFTs procedurally generated using hand-drawn items.

The ape’s designs come from @stoner0015, a talented artist with a growing following on Twitter.

The current floor price for a Stoned Ape is 23 SOL, currently worth $3,075.10.

Each ape belongs to one of five categories:

  1. Scientists – These science-themed apes may be seen in lab coats, holding beakers, or other science-related items.
  2. Businessmen – These business-savvy apes often wear suits and hold items made of gold. According to the Stoned Apes website, these apes typically sell marijuana and never lose in poker.
  3. Farmers – These apes grow marijuana and often wear overalls and other gear you’d expect to see farmers wear.
  4. Artists – 12.5% of the Stoned Ape NFTs are artists, apes that wear more average clothing than the other apes but are often seen holding canvases, paintbrushes, and other artistic items.
  5. Chimpions – There isn’t much information surrounding the Chimpion NFTs yet, but it seems they will sport “HybeBeast” clothing.

Chimpions seem to be the standard Stoned Apes that haven’t received an official role.

Your ape will receive a role by trading your Chimpion and some PUFF DAO tokens.

Token stakingOne of the most exciting features of the Stoned Ape Crew NFTs is that you receive $PUFF tokens for staking your NFT.

$PUFF tokens are currently worth roughly $0.17.

By staking a Chimpion NFT, you’ll receive 15 PUFF tokens each day.

If you stake a Stoned Ape NFT with a role, you’ll receive 30 PUFF tokens daily.

Another unique Stoned Ape feature is the “retreat” feature that allows you to trade your Chimpoin NFT and either 333 or 666 PUFF tokens.

Your ape will receive new traits or a role by trading your NFT and the required PUFF tokens.

Other Exciting Features

A portion of the royalties from Stoned Ape Crew NFT sales will be used to buy back NFTs and fractionalize ownership of the NFTs between PUFF holders.

Although details are still sparse, the project team promises there will be a “Most Stoned Launch Party” in Amsterdam with weed and waffles.

At some point in the future, Stone Ape holders will work together to create their own strain of marijuana.

Stoned Ape NFT holders will receive a pass giving them early access to future NFT collections.

The Stoned Apes team has a line of Stoned Apes apparel planned for release sometime soon.