The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT game on Ethereum

Are you in search of an NFT experience that is unlike any other on the market? Do you want an NFT experience that actually feels like a genuine experience? If so, don’t miss out on The Red Village NFT collection.

What is The Red Village Play-to-Earn NFT Game?

The Red Village is an extremely unique NFT concept that combines NFT collectibles with classic MMORPG gameplay styles. The original release is set to have 5,000 Pureblood characters included, with later launches adding mystic characters and additional factions.

A tweet from MetaVenture Studios

The Red Village takes classic titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Skyrim, and combines them with NFT collectibles, incentives, battles, and rewards.

Project Creators

The Red Village has a myriad of well-known artists and creators who have years of experience in game development and design. The Red Village team is currently comprised of, Lucien Dorman (NFT Strategy/Program Director), Brian Thex (Game Development), Frederick Whichello (Game Algorithm & Mathematics), Roy Hui (Chief Technical Advisor), Matan Adato (Technical Strategy), Brendan Robb (Storytelling & Creative), Benny Taveras (Community Manager), David Fried (Strategic Advisor – Gaming).

The Red Village NFT RoadMap

The Red Village made its original debut in November of 2021, with its Genesis release of 5,000 Pureblood characters, a champion reveal, and additional utility announcements.

TRV intends to launch its official game in January of 2022, when multiplayer tournaments will go live. Additionally, mystics and factions will also make their debut in The Red Village in January of 2022.

For those committed to the community, “To-the-Death” matches will debut in February/March 2022, where it is also possible to summon various characters by breeding and combining current collectibles.

By June of 2022, The Red Village plans to launch various seasons to help manage time and training sessions. Battle passes are also in development for Blood Portal holders, along with apparel and accessories. Another Warlord release of 8,000 Pureblood characters is set for June 2022.

The Future of The Red Village

The creators of The Red Village are committed to fleshing out the MMORPG gameplay included with the initial game release in January of 2022. The Red Village has plans to launch multiplayer tournaments along with the reveal of a “Blood Theatre” arena, developed by The Red Village creators themselves.

Additional championships will be launched along with the release of future mystic characters and factions to help build a sense of community among investors.

The current floor price of The Red Village character is 0.5 ETH. The minting cost of each The Red Village fighter or character was 1 ETH per character.   The official launch date of the Genesis plan of The Red Village was November 2021.