Whales Nation NFT Unique 3d Whales on Solana

In brief:

  • Whales Nation is an NFT collection of 5,555 uniquely-generated 3D whales on Solana
  • 10% of all generated royalties will be donated to Save the Whales
  • Continues development with deflationary mechanisms and staking

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. The Metaverse. NFTs. The digital revolution has arrived, and NFTs are succeeding in establishing themselves as the new form of real-world art.

As the NFT market continues to explode and rapidly expand, following projects such as Whales Nation can provide an in-depth look into the culture and digital economy that is to come.

What is Whales Nation?

Whales Nation is an NFT collection of 5,555 uniquely-generated 3D whales with more than 140 attributes and design elements. The Whales signify whales roaming the Solana Ocean.

Solana is a public blockchain designed to provide widespread scalability options for app and coin developers alike without exuberant gas and exchange fees.

The current price of Solana (SOL) is listed at $175.51.

It is possible to use the following Solana wallets: Ledger, Solflrare, Sollet, and Phantom.

Purchasing and selling Whale Nation Whale NFTs is possible on Magic Eden, SolSea, Solanart, and FTX.

Whales Nation strives to not only create a community of collectors but also known as the ‘Whale POD’ but also focus on giving back.

10% of all generated royalties will be donated towards the “Save the Whales” organization.

Whales Nation is hyperfocused on the conservation of whales and bringing the conversation about saving and preserving whales to the forefront.

Project Creators

The current team of Whale Nation includes Aspid, the project manager, Nooshies, the community manager, and El Ballenato, the artist responsible for the design of the Whale Nation Whale NFTs.

Whales Nation NFT Roadmap

Whales Nation strives to create a community known as the Whale POD.

The Whale POD members will receive exclusive access to raffles, rare collections, prizes, and random airdrops as the community expands and grows.

Whales Nation strives to create a community of like-minded members who are interested in having meaningful and impactful discussions on the conservation and protection of the whale species as a whole.

The original launch of Whales Nation resulted in the release of 250 uniquely designed ORCA whales.

Every other week, Whale Nation raffles 50 ORCA whales that are exclusively available to Whale POD members or individuals who have already invested in a Whale Nation Whale themselves.

Every two weeks, Whale Nation will hold a raffle for qualifying members to receive additional Whales to help complete the collection of 5,555, providing an incentive for individuals to join the Whale POD by obtaining their own Whale.

Whale Nation plans to continue seeking project collaborators while working to create and release rare and exclusive Whale NFT collections for Whale POD members.

The community is also focused on raising funds for whale preservation and conservation efforts.

Whale Nation is also in the process of developing its rarity chart.

The rarity chart will indicate which skins, outfits, mouths, tongues, and accessories are most rare based on current collections as well as planned future rare collection releases.

Whale POD Purpose

The purpose of the Whale POD is clear: to bring the conversation of whale conservation back to the table.

Whale Nation is entirely community-driven, putting the voice and power back into the actual people who are genuinely interested in supporting the cause.

All Whale Nation owners will gain exclusive access to the Whale POD. Those in the Whale POD can participate in community discussions, votes/polls, and even in giveaways. Whale POD members will also be privy to exclusive launches and future rare collections.

Whale Community DAO

Anyone who has invested in a Whales Nation Whale will also gain access to the DAO, or the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where they will have the ability to expand on future partnerships, opportunities, projects, collaborations, developments, and even donations.

The Future of Whale Nation

Whale Nation has plenty of ideas in mind for the future, even if they are still in their conceptual stages.

From providing deflationary mechanisms and potential staking opportunities to offering exclusive access to rare Whale collections, there are many options being explored for the future of Whale Nation.

Current Floor Price

The current floor price of a Whales Nation Whale is 0.22 SOL. The average sale price of a Whales Nation Whale is currently 0.31 SOL, with rapid flexibility potential.

The Minting Cost

The minting cost of each Whale Nation Whale is currently 1 SOL per whale.

Official Launch Date

The official launch date of the public sale of Whale Nation Whale NFTs was October 26th, 2021.

Here is more info: https://linktr.ee/WhalesNation