Dino Kingz Solana NFT Plans on Bringing Value Through NFT Fractionalization

In brief:

  • 2,222 Dinos in the collection has 70 traits algorithmically generated
  • Dino Kingz is buying Blue Chip NFTs and plans on fractionalization for members
  • The floor price of Dino Kingz remains very low at 0.60 SOL

Have you heard about the hot new dinosaur NFT “flying around on Solana blockchain,” a.k.a Dino Kingz?

In this overview, we’ll give you the full scoop on this Solana NFT. We’ll cover everything from the project’s roadmap, background, price, and how Dino Kingz fits into the broader NFT (non-fungible token) and Solana ecosystems.

Background on Dino Kingz

If you were quick enough to snag a sold-out creature, you would own a unique, 48×48 pixel NFT with a brightly-colored, accessorized dinosaur likeness. Each of the 2,222 Dinos in the collection has a combination of 70 traits generated by an algorithm.

Project Roadmap

Dino Kingz launched in December 2021. Five percent of its initial mint revenue will go to charity. In 2022, Dino Kingz has three plans: Dino DAO, NFT fractionalization, and new drops.

Dino DAO

DAO stands for a decentralized autonomous organization, which is characterized by transparency, co-governance, and decentralization.

The new Dino DAO structure will first establish voting channels in its Discord server to decide the company’s holdings and future roadmap. The community will also control the DAO wallet with 20 percent of mint revenue and 80 percent of secondary royalties.

This launch and the fractionalization were slated for December 2021, so perhaps we’ll see it in Q1 2022.

NFT Fractionalization

NFT fractionalization is a process of dividing NFT ownership into fractions so many people can own one NFT.

The Dino Kingz project will accomplish this by buying Blue Chip and other NFTs and then fractionalizing them.

This way, members can own fractions of NFTs with a lower barrier to entry.

New Dino Kingz Auction and Airdrops

In January 2022, Dino Kingz will auction off five Legendary Dino Kingz and airdrop Baby Dinos and Dino Banners. It promises a surprise for holders who collect the item trinity of Dino King, Baby Dino, and Dino Banner.

Dino Kingz Founders and Mission

The Dino Kingz founding team is represented on its website with pixelated avatars.

It includes founder “Ravage,” artist “Cryptopotas19,” marketing head “KookCapital,” and Nova Launch from “Dev.”

If the details of the dev team are sparse, it could be because Dino Kingz is all about its community. It aims to build a “close-knit” community that’s rewarded and empowered.

Macro View of the NFT Market

NFTs were the “next big thing” of 2021. We foresee this trend continuing through 2022 with the expansion and adoption of NFTs.

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, experienced a huge surge in monthly trading volumes.

Thanks to growth in major NFT names like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks, sales have been up thus far in 2022. Though expected regulation could have large impacts.

In Q4 2021, new NFT projects did well, ranking among the top projects by volume.

Q4 was more bearish overall but that’s due to unusually high summer peaks. DAO growth was a strong theme in 2021.

Many DAO projects saw success, from PunksDAO to early-stage Flamingo.

Major platforms like ShapeShift made the DAO shift as well.

Bullish, or upward trend, indicators suggest Q1 2022 success. These include NFT pop-cultural relevance and an upward Google search trend in NFT interest.

Price of DinoKingz NFT

According to the Dino Kingz website, each of the 2,222 mints fetched an average price of 0.49 SOL. in the last 24 hours on the Magic Eden marketplace, the average sale price of Dino Kingz was 0.67 SOL, while the floor was 0.60 SOL.

At the time of writing, Solana’s price sits at $168.78.

For more info on Dino Kingz, you can check out the project on the Magic Eden marketplace and the Dino Kingz website.