How to Burn Your Unwanted Solana NFTs

In the world of NFTs, it is not difficult to quickly become overwhelmed in a sea of designs, collectibles, and unique pieces of art.

Due to the hype, you may have even found yourself purchasing way too many NFTs for your own good.

If this is the case, it may be time to consider burning your unwanted or worthless NFTs.

What Does it Mean to Burn an NFT?

Although the concept is new in the NFT universe, burning an NFT is another term for discarding or removing an NFT from an existing collection.

If for any reason, you are no longer interested in an NFT you own, you can burn or bury your dead, unwanted, and useless NFTs.

When an NFT is burned, it is discarded and no longer available or accessible in your digital wallet.

One project that is taking on the task of burning and discarding unwanted NFTs in the metaverse is Mortuary Inc.

Mortuary Inc. provides the opportunity to burn dead NFTs in exchange for $ASH, a crypto coin developed by Mortuary Inc. rewarded to those who choose to burn, incinerate, and discard their unwanted NFT collectibles.

Why Would Someone Burn an NFT?

NFTs have seemingly taken the world by storm, even outside of the digital realm.

As millions of NFT projects and collections are launched, it is not surprising that collections are quickly becoming cluttered and difficult to sort.

Burning an NFT should only be done if you are truly looking for a way to declutter and organize your NFT collection in a better and more efficient way.

You can also burn an NFT if you are interested in pursuing $ASH or additional projects such as $DUST, which is currently in development by the user DeGodsNFT on Twitter.

What is a Solana Burn Address?

If you are interested in sending an NFT to the incinerator, you can use the following address when sending your NFT: Solana burn address: 1nc1nerator11111111111111111111111111111111

How Much Does it Cost to Burn an NFT?

With tools and projects such as, it is actually possible to earn $ASH currency in exchange for your dead and unwanted NFTs.

Currently, Mortuary-Inc offers 3 $ASH for every dead NFT you choose to burn (which is permitted once every 8 hours, or 4 times within every 24-hour period).

Those who are interested in burning their NFTs can also invest in their very own funeral plots directly from Mortuary-Inc.

Funeral plots available from Mortuary Inc are currently live and available via MagicEden, with a floor price of 1.25 SOL.

As of January 18th, 2022, there is a total of 200 funeral plots available with an average sale price of 1.43 SOL per Mortuary Inc plot.

Whether you are just entering the NFT world for the first time or if you have an extensive NFT collection, learning how to burn your unwanted Solana NFTs can come in handy when you want to declutter your digital belongings.