Michael Jordan Dunks on NFT Game with Solana Athlete App

In brief:

  • Michael Jordan is releasing an app on Solana for Athletes to sell NFT’s
  • Seed round funding the north of $10 million launching in 2022
  • Looking to expand to other verticals and distribution channels

The Fadeaway is arguably Michael Jordan’s signature move, but here’s a look at his latest, most powerful move.

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffery Jordan are getting deeper into the NFT game.

MJ has earned six championship rings in his NBA career playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Naturally, the father and son team is looking to get into the NFT’s by leveraging Michael Jordan’s legacy.

The vision is going to come to fruition through their startup Heir, Inc.

Its mission is to connect athletes with their fans through its membership-based, digital assets platform.

Ultimately, this is done via multiple channels such as an entertainment studio as well as consumer products.

The platform is designed to help artists grow by giving them an easy way to connect with fans at scale.

Oftentimes, cultural creatives and early adopters aren’t beneficiaries of the world-changing culture they create.

With the advent of Web 3.0, the HEIR Platform will provide an unprecedented level of access for content creators and consumers alike.

Their vision is to provide the power of ownership and legacy for all of the fans.

Athletes and supporters can connect through crypto-based exclusive drops and releases.

According to variety.com in 2021, the start-up has been co-founded by Jeffrey Jordan along with marketing exec Daniel George, founder of agency Limitless Creative, and Jeron Smith, former CEO/co-founder of Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media.

Their first product heir.app will follow the new product branch in crypto as a decentralized Web3 product.

Its site currently says “Welcome to HEIR, a new community platform that offers an exclusive and capped membership experience to some of the world’s most notable athletes.”

Although not on mainnet, users can join the waitlist on the website using an email and name.

It’s supposed to be launched sometime in 2022.

At the time of this announcement, the start-up closed its first round of seed funding in the ballpark of $10+ million.

The seed round was led by Thrive Capital and followed by Solana’s venture fund and a number of additional funders (investors in Instagram, Stripe, Slack, Robinhood, Github).

The native heir.app token will be minted on Solana’s blockchain, which is a huge win for the network.

Solana has been selected as the blockchain of choice due to its low barriers to entry.

Allowing fans to get access to NFT’s at a low cost, high speed, and efficiency.

Solana, albeit its growing pains, has been gaining traction and market share over the past year.

Quickly becoming the choice crypto for platforms to build their startups on for NFT, gaming, and DeFi products and services.

The price of Solana’s coin (SOL) today, at the time of this writing at CoinGecko is +14.55% @ $179.59.

HEIR is the name for the first brand built by Heir Inc., which is an upcoming holding company focused on building technologically innovative products rooted in culture and entertainment.