Space Runners (NFT) NBA Champions Sneaker Collection in the Metaverse

In brief: Space Runners NFT is popular among sports enthusiasts 10,000 potential wearables and an NBA partnership Space Runners are digitally wearable NFTs via AR Space Runners is an NFT collection of wearables designed for the metaverse. The collection includes 10,000 digital sneakers with NBA partnerships. NBA players including Nick Young and Kyle Kuzma have … Read more

Kaizen Corps NFT The Beginnings of a Botched Minting

In brief: Kaizen Corp NFTs had a rocky start that stained their reputation Their NFTs are actually integrated better than most If the game becomes popular, the NFTs are undervalued As the NFT gaming market blossoms, a few early favorites show value in multiple ways. Axie Infinity is a great example of a game that … Read more

Bōryoku Dragonz Exclusive Collection of 1,111 Dragon NFTs on Solana

In brief: Bōryoku Dragonz is becoming one of the most valuable communities on Solana Has floor price of 195.00 SOL and a total volume of 66657.38 SOL and only 17 listed on MagicEden Through strategic partnerships Bōryoku Dragonz has been able to create massive value for holders Bōryoku Dragonz NFT on Solana The year is … Read more

Cardinal Empowering NFTs for Renting, Lending, Expiry on Solana

In brief: Cardinal allows users to rent, loan, issue in-game items or tickets NFT’s have a time-based or user-based expiration, and manual cancelation These NFT certs are genuinely revolutionary, giving actual utility to NFT issuance This week Cardinal Protocol announced it allows for the authentication of certificates on the Solana blockchain. Enabling users to rent, … Read more

What is Meerkat Millionaires Country Club on Solana?

In brief: MMCC is an NFT collection of 9,999 unique generated meerkats on the Solana blockchain 100% royalties go directly to (85%) MMCC holders and an additional (15%) to minters MMCC is setting itself apart by empowering holders and minters Meerkat Millionaires Country Club, also known as MMCC, is an NFT collection of 9,999 unique … Read more

Baby Ape Social Club (NFT) on Solana or Baby Apes on Dab Island?

In brief: Baby Ape Social Club 5,000 adorable apes NFTs doing big things in the near future The current floor price for a Baby Ape Social Club NFT is 10.9 SOL, worth $1,656.69 Plans to use earnings to buy blue-chip NFTs, such as Degen Apes, Geckos, and Aurorians for giveaways Solana’s NFT scene is growing … Read more

DazedDucks Metagalactic Club (NFT) Making Fans Quack on Solana

In brief: DazedDucks Metagalactic Club’s features  the best-animated art Floor price has doubled since its launch and is traded 16237.89 SOL in Total Volume 80% of proceeds from the after-market sales go back to holders plus plans for expansion Many NFT creators are thinking of new ways to make their projects stand out. DazedDucks Metagalactic … Read more

SolPunksDAO Secures Historic Royalty Deal On Solanart And MagicEden

In brief: 3% of SolPunks sales will be paid into SolPunksDAO’s trust wallet Unfortunately, the Royalties collection will not be backdated The funds will be used to push the brand forward After months of anti-SolPunks hostility, the SolPunks community finally has something to feel bullish about. A breakthrough in negotiations came on Boxing Day with … Read more