Baby Ape Social Club (NFT) on Solana or Baby Apes on Dab Island?

In brief:

  • Baby Ape Social Club 5,000 adorable apes NFTs doing big things in the near future
  • The current floor price for a Baby Ape Social Club NFT is 10.9 SOL, worth $1,656.69
  • Plans to use earnings to buy blue-chip NFTs, such as Degen Apes, Geckos, and Aurorians for giveaways

Solana’s NFT scene is growing by the day, but now and then, a project comes along that stands out as unique.

Baby Ape Social Club is releasing 5,000 adorable apes NFTs that are on track to do big things in the near future.

This NFT project features a fun story, an accomplished team, and a relatively affordable floor price.

Baby Ape Social Club Story

The Baby Ape Social Club has a fun art style, but it also has a fun story to go along with the art.

The baby apes live on Dab Island, a secluded place in the Bermuda Triangle.

The island is home to a society of apes, the wreckage of many lost ships and planes, and an enormous volcano known as Fire Mountain.

All apes are instructed by their elders to avoid Fire Mountain, but after being bullied by the other apes, an ape known as “the Doctor” climbs the mountain.

The doctor had one of his favorite plants with him, and when it got close to the flames of the volcano, it began to smoke.

The smoke made the Doctor feel funny, creative, and relaxed, so he shared it with the other apes.

As the apes experimented with smoking the newly-discovered plant, they became curious about the wreckage on the island. After exploring the wreckage, the apes began wearing new clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

Eventually, the fuel from the wrecked ships, planes, and UFOs turned some of the apes into zombies and cyborgs.

Now, the volcano is erupting, and the apes need to escape their island. As fate would have it, purchasing a Baby Ape Social Club NFT is the only way to save these little party animals.

Baby Ape Social Club listed on Magic Eden

Baby Ape Social Club Tokenomics and Roadmap

Each Baby Ape is unique, and only 5,000 will be minted.

The team began minting their NFTs on 12/12/2021, and the NFTs are currently listed on Solanart and Magic Eden.

The current floor price for a Baby Ape Social Club NFT is 10.9 SOL, worth $1,656.69.

The Baby Ape team is creating a verified social channel for NFT holders where the team will post exciting announcements and owners can socialize with one another.

Additionally, the team has created a “community wallet” that receives funds from the team and a percentage of secondary sales.

Soon, the community wallet will fund giveaways, merchandise, and social events for Baby Ape NFT holders.

The Baby Ape team also plans to use a portion of their earnings to buy blue-chip NFTs, such as Degen Apes, Geckos, and Aurorians, for exclusive giveaways.

Many of the NFTs they intend to give away are highly valuable. Aurorians, for example, currently have a floor price of 20.5 SOL, worth roughly $3,109.85.

Lastly, the Baby Ape Social Club team aims to produce physical merchandise that will only be available to verified Baby Ape NFT holders.

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