Auctions for Boogles Solana NFT Breaking Records

Wrapping up on Jan. 8th, the 24-hour auction for BOOGLEs #089 through #091 NFTs broke Boogle and Holaplex records.

With a total of 4600 SOL bid over the course of the auction, the highest bid reached 1800 SOL for a single Boogle.

The project’s previous record-holder was Boogle #088, which sold for 800 SOL.

This auction marked the latest release of the just 100 Boogles in existence.

On top of NFT value, the legend behind these ghostlike new NFTs can make you question your existence in the metaverse itself.

Sound spooky? Keep reading to learn more about Boogles NFT.

Boogle auction results on Twitter

Boogles Background

Boogles is a boutique NFT project built on Solana Blockchain that first launched in August of 2021.

The project’s utility focuses on maintaining a high level of scarcity.

Each Boogle’s unique aesthetic is created by Swegy, the project’s lead artist.

The aesthetic of each NFT will vary more over time with the rollout of new traits.

All 100 Boogles’ are auctioned on the leading NFT storefront, Holaplex, with a floor price of 0.5 SOL.

You can then find Boogles on Within the 100 Gen-1 Boogles, there are three Honorary Boogles that will be burnt and re-issued.

The Boogles Story

Legend has it that each Boogle is a former human that rose from the grave, wearing a mask to communicate with each other.

Now living on the Solana Blockchain, ghostly Boogles represent our present and possibly our future.

As the project says: who’s to say you’re not already part of the metaverse? With such lore, it’s easy to see why Boogles attract buyers who value a good legend behind their NFTs.


To avoid failing to deliver on its promises, the Boogle project keeps its roadmap simple.

For now, Boogles will continue its regular auctions until all 100 first-generation Boogles are sold.

Then, the project will allow its community to direct its future through their DAO.

At the time of writing, the price of Solana is $80.70.